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Lycon Wax Experts

An essential part of both male and female grooming

Lets face it... it's something that most of us need to do. Whether for ourselves, a loved one, it's got to be done. Waxing is very much the norm these days. While it's not pain free it's a short lasting treatment and is soothed immediately after. You would only need to upkeep it every 4-6 weeks depending on your particular growth.Everyone is different be it Bikini Wax, Brazilian or just a tidy up. Don't be afraid to go bare down there if that's what you want! Lycon Wax Lycon Hot Waxes are a low temperature formula; they are perfect for short, stubborn hair on any part of the face and body and are very pliable and painless for most. All Lycon Hot Waxes can be re-applied on the same area many times without the wax feeling too hot and without skin trauma or irritation. Lycon Strip Waxes are used super thinly, they remove short hair, they do not leave a sticky residue and are virtually pain free.

Half Leg:  £21.00

3/4 Leg:  £25.00

Full Leg:  £29.00

Full Leg & Bikini :  £38.50

Half Arm:  £19.00

3/4 Arm:  £21.00

Full Arm:  £24.00

Under Arm:  £16.00

Lip:  £9.50

Cheek:  £12.50

Nipple:  £15.00


 Back:  £27.50

Shoulders: £21.00

Eyebrow:  £12.50

Chin:  £9.50

Brow,lip & Chin:  £26.00

Inner Nose Hair:  £12.50

Full Face:  £29.00

Chest:  £27.50

Bikini:  £15.00

Brazilian:  £33.50

High Bikini:  £19.00

Hollywood:  £36.00

We highly recommend you using Decleors post epilation after all your waxing and in between appointments


 Slows down hair growth
 Prevents ingrown hair
 Reduces discomfort
 All-in-one product for face,

body and intimate areas

Available to purchase in salon.