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BB glow


BB glow treatment is one of the most up-to-the-minute advances in skin tightening and skin care. Say goodbye to your extensive daily regimen of makeup. The BB glow treatment you will receive can last up to four months even after only a couple of sessions. 

You use regular, smaller sessions to maintain your new luscious, healthy glow after this. A popular choice for brides-to-be and other people who need their skin to truly radiate health on relatively short notice, a BB glow treatment is completely safe and non-invasive.

Makes your skin look years younger. The production of collagen, which the process stimulates, can have the same effect as it does with a young person’s skin. Making everything appear smoother and more elastic, ready for your next social event or simply to enjoy by yourself.

No need to cover up skin discolouration and blemishes any more. While BB creams can hide large pores and similar markings, this treatment goes a whole lot further.

A fast-acting treatment which gives you an immediately noticeable, fresher look.

  • Even out your skin tone
  • Homogenise any skin discolouration
  • Reduce the appearance of freckles
  • Make your skin appear brighter and shinier
  • Result in the amazing BB glow
  • Address fine lines and wrinkles

Many of our clients confidently opt for minimal or zero makeup whatsoever on a regular basis afterwards.

£90 per session

£250 for 3 sessions